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Quote of the Day. . . as you did it to one of the least of the these My brethren, you did it unto Me. - Jesus


Consider This is back

After an all too long hiatus I've returned and this site is gonna be very active again.

The New Party of Lincoln?

Is a powerful third party possible? Can it happen immediately? The "The New Party of Lincoln?" shows that it is very possible.

Bush's Favorite Tax - The BIRTH TAX

How is the overspending by the Bush administration any different than recklessly using a credit card? Simple, with a credit card you have a spending limit, monthly payments and you can't pass the debt on to your grandchildren. The debt of today will be passed on to the unborn generations to come. We have, in essence, a Tax the Children Plan.

How much do new babies owe the Federal government? American children are born into our society already owing the government tens of thousands of dollars. Find out MUCH more at Birth Tax.

Take The Iraq Quiz - Do You Know Enough To Vote????

You are about to make a very critical decision about the future of the planet when you vote for president, but are you educated enough about Iraq to really make that decision ? It is very doubtful that you are. That's not your fault, neither the U.S. news media nor the government are putting together the big picture.

How Many Deaths has a quiz for you. Please try this sample question and see how you do:

How many people have died in Iraq from war related incidents since the United States invaded Iraq?

  • 1. 1,000
  • 2. 10,000
  • 3. 20,000
  • 4. 40,000
  • 5. More than 50,000

Based on a number of sources such as the Pentagon, the the answer is much likely much more than 50,000 and over 150,000 have probably been wounded. There are SEVERAL THOUSAND attacks on U.S. soldiers occurring each month.

If you didn't know the answer then you really need to take the full quiz. Freedom and Democracy depend on you being educated BEFORE you vote. Please vist How Many Deaths to learn much more and to take the full quiz.

Get educated and please, please, please pass this on.

Just The Beginning is brand new and if it is your first time here, it is recommended that you peruse the About section first. Virtually everything is up and working except the link pages and site is rapidly being fleshed out with at least one new page being added per day. Much of the new content for the moment will deal with stopping the Bushkreig that is being waged on America. We may be at one of the most critical times in world history and every one of us needs to act. I will; however, continue to add as much positive fare as I can. After all, even though this is a dark time in America, the way to alleviate darkness is with light.

It is hoped that you find this site worthwhile. If you do, please consider making a contribution through PayPal. Anything would be appreciated. As you can see there is no advertising and this has been a massive task for one person. Contributions will allow me to spend more time devoted to this site and continue to provide you with rich content.

Additionally, please spread the word about You can use the Email Friend Form to send an email to up to 8 friends at once. Thanks

"We" or "Us and Them"?

What is the ultimate goal - to realize our inherent connectedness and get along or to remain separate and in conflict? How can this be done when pointing out and dealing with issues that are perceived as problematic?


Today the 22 member nations of the Arab League have come out with their resolution against war with Iraq. Turkey has for the moment rejected the $26,000,000,000 bribe and strong arm tactics by the Bush Admin to run part of the war from Turkey

United Kingdom




Communicate with the UN Security Council

Do you want to thank a member of the council for promoting peace and/or encourage them to veto an Iraq war resolution? Please let them know as soon as possible. France, Russia, Germany, and China need to hear that Americans support a veto against a war resolution. Actually, it is important to communicate with all of them. Here are the e-mail addresses for the ambassadors on the Security Council:

United Kingdom



Our Society Wants You to be in Debt

You pay for your insurance up front, so why would your credit rating have anything to do with your auto insurance rates? Apparently, it now does for some companies. A friend has been with Farmer's for over a decade and has never been late with a payment. She has one minor speeding ticket and there was a claim over a year ago for a somebody running into her parked car. These two things didn't appear to affect her rates.

Last month however, her rates jumped way up. According to Farmer's, they now check credit ratings and that was the reason.for the increase. Does that make sense? Looking closer makes this even more strange. Her credit record is clean and she pays her credit card bills in full each month. However, to Farmers, since she does not have credit card debt and is not in debt with a mortgage, she only rates a D on their scale. Looks like they are desparate to find excuses to raise rates and you are penalized for being responsible with your money. The more you owe, the less you pay in this case.

She in now looking for a new insurer.

Support for Bush Plummets

This graph of the latest polls regarding the apparent (take most polls with a large grain of salt) approval rating of GW shows that the polling numbers are back down to the general area that they were before 9/1. If the trend continues, the polls next month will start to show his lowest average approval ratings yet. The disapproval ratings continue to rise and may exceed the approval average within a mere couple of months.

In the meantime, the Cities for Peace are now at 117, with Denver being the newest large city. And, the National Council of Churches is meeting with the the Pope in Rome and trying to avert a war. Both call attacking Iraq unjust.

Yesterday, the Virtual March on Washington tied up the switchboards at the White House and Capitol Hill for much of the day with many hundreds of thousands of call. Since a lot of us couldn't get through it, will continue today.

On the International front, about 200 members of the House of Commons defied Blair on a vote on war with Iraq. Even a quarter of his own party voted against him. Meanwhile, Russia and Germany held a joint press conference to state that Russia supports the German position and the nations, Italy and Spain, where the leaders support Bush are showing even more opposition to war with Iraq among the populace (as if it weren't massive enough already).

Consider that there are 192 independent countries on the planet and that now the 116 member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, six of whom sit on the UN Security Council, have issued this statement voicing their opposition to war with Iraq. Last week, after the 22nd Franco-African summit, 52 African nations issued a statement in support of France's position. Three of those nations, Guinea, Angola and Cameroon, are on the UN Security Council and it now looks that Bush lacks majority support on the council. Actually, it is getting difficult to find support is most places and it looks like the vast majority of the planet opposes the Bush position on war.

Bush is showing an amazing ability to unite people that is way beyond anything that we have ever seen. They are uniting against him, both in America and around the world. The UN may be working, just not in the manner that the Bush administration tried to force it to work.


Cities for Peace Breaks the 100 Mark

The numbers just keep climbing and Los Angeles is now one of the newest Cities for Peace. There is less support for war every day.


Protests in Perspective

I recently spoke with a friend who felt very alone in her opposition to the view of Bush and Cheney and assured her that she was certainly not alone, and in all likelihood, is in the majority. Today she got some evidence of that. In dozens of nations, in over 600 cities, and on every continent, including Antarctica, many millions of people protested against the U.S. and U.K. push to attack Iraq. It is very significant to note what percentage of the populace attended the demonstrations, especially in the nations that have aligned themselves behing Bush. In the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, using the mid-range estimates on crowd size, from 2-5% or more of the entire populations of these nations attended numerous protests. Considering how hard it is to get people out to a protest, especially in mid-winter (Temperatures in Montreal were -20C (-4F), yet over 100,000 people still attended the protest.), this likely indicates that a high percentage of the populations oppose a war. Polls indicate that people in these three nations overwhelmingly oppose U.S. agression. Other American allies show up to 95% opposition, as in the case of Turkey.

It is also important to note that most of these protests occurred in countries that have been very aligned with the U.S. and gave great support after 9/11. They also worked alongside the U.S. in the first Gulf War. Remember the headlines in the French Paper, Le Monde, that stated "We Are All Americans", and how France helped patrol American skies for many months after the attack on the World Trade Center, and how they were partners in the first Gulf War? Why then, in just one year would some many great friends of the United States turn so much against us? It's time for we Americans to take a deep and brutally honest look at ourselves.

"Only in America"

This statement is often made by people when cutting down other American citizens who protest the government's policies. Many Americans adhere to the false belief that the United States is the bastion of Free Speech and that virtually every other nation in the world suppresses dissent. I often wonder if these people have ever been out of the U.S. or even read any foreign media. I've witnessed first hand, raucous demonstrations by Turkish immigrants in the capitol of Germany, sat in on Parliament in New Zealand (very lively and sometimes stunnigly rude), and for years have read newspapers from all over the planet. It is obvious that Free speech and the right of dissent is alive and well in many places. Just watch some British Parliament on C-Span, particulary the weekly meeting where the Prime Minister is required to sit down and discuss policies. You'll witness open discussion and dissent that goes way beyond that which Americans have ever had with their President.

Maybe the protests of February 15, 2003, will begin to put to rest this erroneous use of "only in America". They are clear evidence that free speech is not unique to America.


There Are Now 93 Cities for Peace

Many cities or state legislatures each day are passing resolutions against a war with Iraq. About 10 more were added in just the last 24 hours. Atlanta, Georgia is one of the newest of the Cities for Peace. This looks like the biggest peace movement ever.

Quiz: How Many Nukes?

The United States is alarmed about other countries having nuclear weapons, particularly the two that North Korea has and the ones that Saddam Hussein does not have and has never had. To put some perspective on the situation, do you know how many nuclear weapons the U.S. has? You can take a moment to give this some real consideration and test yourself or get the answer immediately.

So, how many nukes in the U.S. arsenal.

Just tell me the answer.


What You Eat

Are you following your own standards as to how you feel that animals should be treated? Do you have standards? If you are buying conventionally raised meat and chicken you are supporting the farming practices shown in these photos of chicks, laying hens, veal calves, and pigs. How does this fit in with your standards? If you have decided to take a step and buy cage free chicken products, perhaps you should be aware that this does not mean outdoors. Typically they live in large indoor encloses. More information and a photo gallery is available at Factory Farming.


Within a few days of the the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a number of Congressional and governmental investigations, yet for months, there was little done in regards to investigating the government and its role leading up to 9/11. in fact, the Bush administration resisted having a major investigation and had to be pushed into accepting one. Why would they push so fast for the Shuttle probes while resisting ones about 9/11?

Germany's Role

Lest people think that Germany in its outright opposition to war with Iraq is not doing their "fair share" in the world situation, please be aware that they have the second greatest number of peacekeeping forces active in the world at this moment. They are also leading the peacekeeping operations in Kabul, Afghanistan - a position that they volunteered for. Deploying forces overseas at all is a new thing for Germans after WWII and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder took some big political risks in doing this in support of the U.S. following 9/11. Furthermore, what the present deployments are also a strain on Germany's already weak economy.


Mali Assistance Project - Drought in Africa

While the "compassionate conservatives" are spending excessive money on the military and corporate subsidies, there are droughts and people are starving. A friend just came back from Mali and said that conditions are worse than expected. You can help.

Email Tip on Avoiding Spam

When forwarding emails you may be unknowwingly getting a lot of people on spam lists. There are simple methods to prevent that.

Word Game

Try this, for an interesting perspective. Get a copy of a Bush speech that refers to Iraq and put the text in your word processor. Now use find and replace to change "Saddam Hussein" to "George Bush" and "Iraq" to "the United States". The result can be eye opening.


Nero Fiddling - Stopping a Despot

There is a man who is threatening America and the world. Are you going to just sit there while Rome burns? Here's the case for action.

Around the Web:

Bush Environmental Record - a report by NRDC. The underground government trying to stay under the radar while it subverts the law.

Dick Cheney's Principles - in The Washington Monthly

You gotta hear this:

This American Life - "Secret Government" (1/10/03) and the "Why We Fight" (12/20/02)

American Hostage Crisis

You may be able to help this situation. The victim has sent out a note. (opens in new window)


C'mon UN, Stand Up to the Tyrant

There is a lot of talk, especially in the Bush camp, of how the UN resembles the League of Nations when it did not stand up to Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and how it risks being obsolete. It is said that the UN must take a firm stand or risk obsolescence. I fully agree.


What It's Really Gonna Cost You

Do you want to pay over $4000 for a war with Iraq or go into debt another $10,600 this year? That's what the average family is likely to pay and when you consider that many of the rich and poor don't pay taxes, the cost is even greater. The administration doesn't like the truth, but sometimes it can be pried out of them. Bush's Budget Director just gave us more accurate numbers. Here is what you may end up paying.

RED ALERT - "The Hiroshima Temptation"

It is being reported that the Bush team is thinking about using nuclear weapons in Iraq. Members of the Bush administration are seriously considering using nuclear weapons as if they are just any other weapon. This is a dramatic change in U.S. policy and could be one of the most dangerous moves of all time. Additionally, Bin Laden would welcome an attack on Iraq because of the chaos that would result and it would enhance his cause, thus bringing him many new recruits.

Now is the time to contact ALL of your "representatives" in government every single day. Even if this is your first time doing so, please take just five or ten minutes every day.Please do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it every single day until this is put to rest. Additionally, get some friends to do the same and have them contact other friends. Isn't the future of the world worth this tiny effort on your part? As a matter of fact, Please contact them immediately. While you're at it, how about stating your view on war with Iraq - every single day.

White House
Bush Email
Cheney Email
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Contact List of Senators

Contact List of Congress

State Department
Web Contact Form
Public Communications Division: 202-647-6575
Switchboard: 202-647-4000

War Department
Web Contact Form

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Here's your chance to help out. If you know of the answer to the questions below or know of of a source that might have it, please submit it.

How many voting precincts are there in the United States?

How much does the U.S. spend annually on Military Brass Bands?

koan Why is it that the actor Ronald Reagan, who became the idol of many conservatives is so worshiped, while many of those same worshipers will cut down other entertainers who express political views, simply because they are actors?


The Ultimate Scam
Here it is. Make a product that people think they need and that others tell them that they need. Then when the product causes problems, get them to use other products by you to take care of the problem. Convince them that they need a great variety of your products. In fact, make them believe that they have to hove your product to get along at all in life. Cover up your product's flaws, bribe the people who distribute your product so they will help expand your market, and give more money to the politicians than anyone else so that you can have them on your side. Get the politicians to help you get money from the government to create your product and, best yet, get everyone to think that your product is so essential that the government will pay for it.
Alternatives to War
There are clear and effective alternatives to war in most instances. They have a long history of working, but peace doesn't make the headlines and the history books tend to focus on wars. The discretionary budget of the U.S. spends more money on the military than it does on the country that the military is supposed to defend. Why is there no Department of Peace?
"Tax and Spend" or...
The Democrats are often called the "Tax and Spend" party. Since government spending, the size of the Federal government and deficits have been bigger with Republicans during the past 20 years, what's a good name for them? How about the "Borrow and Spend" party?
Remember Osama?
Remember the "War on Terrorism"? While the United States and Great Britain are sidetracked by the unconnected issue of Iraq, we never here anything from Bush anymore about the the primary culprit in September 11, Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile, it is the common view that the U.S. is no more secure than before the incident, more major terrorist attacks a predicted to occur, yet we are not funding the much of security measures that were passed, and police chiefs, other law enforcement officers, and fire fighters are being sent overseas. Looks like we're gonna win the "War on Terrorism" just like we won the "War on Drugs", the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War.
Are We Better Off?
A quantitative look at the declines in most standard of living indexes since Bush was appointed, including the stock market, unemployment, GDP, deficit, size of government, and health insurance among other things. Also, a look at the enviroment, international relations, and security.
Solar Energy
It's the oldest form of energy, the most abundant, provides the most national security, is located everywhere, can eliminate monthly energy bills, and the technology to use it has been here for thousands of years. Why then, is it essentially being ignored?
Why Don't They Like Us?
Many Americans have a hard time understanding why so many in the world hate them. If you take a good look it may be very easy to see why.
What is Security?
A strong military at the top of most people's list for making a country secure, but this view is likely lead to dramatically less security. There is something called soft power that is being essentially ignored by the present U.S. government that matters much more. We also need to look at the basic infrastructure for essential goods and services. In most nations that infrastructure is very vulnerable.
Recycling is seen by many as a virtue. It does have less negative impact on the environment than just throwing something away, but there are alternatives that are dramatically more environmentally friendly.
The Evil of Excess
Just over one hundred years ago, consumption was a fatal disease and being a consumer was not something that was desirable. Now many of the problems in the world can be directly traced to the dramatic and frenzied consumption that is occurring in the "developed" countries. Many species have been brought to the brink of extinction by collectors and there are many American families that have more than one vehicle. Has this excess gone too far?
Attacking Iraq - The Unasked Questions
Before such an extreme action, have you really considered the costs and all of the possible outcomes?
The Myth of the Liberal Media
The term "liberal media" is usually accepted unchallenged. Perhaps it is a false label, to hide how conservative the media actually is and how it works to maintain the status quo.
Conservation - The Misunderstood Savior
Viewed by many a pariah, it really has two parts and may be the no cost and immediate solution to many societal problems. Best of all, it can improve everyone's lifestyle!
Not So Fun Fact The snowpacks on Mount Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway to title a book after them are over 11,000 years old. In less that a century about 80% of this snowpack has disappeared. At this rate the entire snowpack will disappear within just 20 years and the entire ecosystem and human culture around the mountain could be adversely affected due to their dependence on this water. This is not unique to Africa. It is happening a similar rate around the world and is likely due to global warming.