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About the Site Design

Accesibilty and Web Standards: In consideration that the World Wide Web is one of the most egalitarian tools available in the World and possibly the greatest gift to democracy that has ever been created, it is very important to make Web sites free and open to as many people as possible. is designed to make it easy for all people with access to the Web to view it. Streets and sidewalks are free, and the Web is the streets and sidewalks of Cyberspace. Therefore, there is a need to open it to all, not just those who buy products from a particular company. As best as I can, design consideration is given to all people such as the visually impaired. Feedback from such users regarding design would be most appreciated.

Leading Edge, Efficient, and Dynamic: There are a number of unusual and important aspects to the design of The pages have been created to adapt to the viewer specific situation while still maintaining its essential aesthetic and functional aspects. There are few sites that use the combination of dynamic page sizing, simplicity of coding and mainteance, that are also as standards compliant. The design uses CSS (cascading style sheets) for all design and postioning. No tables are used in any manner outside of their basic purpose for forms and data that is actually displayed in table format. The pages are relatively very compact and load fast for those on slow connections, and are dynamic in size so the viewer can be the one who decides the page size rather being constrained by the designer's ideas. Change the window and font size and you can see this feature. The ratio of code (the instructions that work in the background) to content is very high. While most sites have about 80-90% code to only 10-20% content. This site has nearly the opposite ratio, with some pages having around 75% content. The dynamic visual effects are also done efficiently with css rather than the bulkier and slower javascript and graphics.

Organization: Simplicity is the goal. You can find your way around quickly and easily and dead-ends are avoided. At the end of articles most pages provide for easy navigation back to the starting point to keep the reader moving in a continuous path. From the home page everything is just a few clicks away.

Non-Proprietary: does not require any proprietary software nor does it require that anyone buy any software at all to use the site. The free operating system - Linux and any of a number of free browsers can be used. It is designed around the most current and most progressive standards and should be available to all standards compliant browsers and platforms. When accessing sites it should not matter whether you are on Linux, Mac, Unix, or Windows - the site should work. The only problem that is likely to occur is with the formatting with the notable and very non-standard Netscape 4 or with browsers that are still in beta such as iCab. The content is still available with these browsers and the desigh has taken into the all too prominent and still unrepaired bugs in Micro$oft's Explorer on Windows.

Spam Protection, Privacy and Automation: Notice how there are no email addresses listed on the site, yet there are many ways of communicating with me and sending email to others. This is to help prevent Spam as web robots cannot mine the site for email addresses. All forms and email are processed by the wonderful database, Panorama. Panorama also automates other functions such as updating daily quotes and other periodically changing items, as well as automatically generating pages such as the links. Also, your privacy is respected and this site does not use cookies.

Custom Sites and Software Available: Every single aspect of the site including graphics, photography, design, copy, HTML and CSS, database programming, and setting up and maintaining the server was done by me. My business, Center of Creation offers a uniquely diverse range of creative services and products from one individual. I offer any of the services listed above, individually, or in any combination. For your web site, I can provide the photos, design the logo, write the copy, create the html, javscript, and program an interactive database, and host the site. Just like the cobbler's children who had no shoes I have been too busy with other projects, such as this one, to finish my business site. This site is my main portfolio for cutting edge web design. If you have an interest in these services or any of the other services I offer, including voice-overs, computer and photography consulting, lecturing and teaching, please contact me.

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