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The problem with our common language is that we think we have one. - Jeff Cook
"We" or "Us and Them"?

Much of what is written at at this moment is about apparently dangerous situations in the World. This is not really what I wish to talk about. I would prefer to discusss the beauty of life and share the wonders of the world and the cosmos, and of the Great Mystery. However, I see the world situation as quite dire and that most of us hide in ignorance, devouring our way through life, and not accepting responsibilty for the consequences or our actions. We overwork and overconsume to keep ourselves distracted from the truth.

The purpose of these writings is to serve as an alarm clock. So, given that most of us don't wake up to gentle sounds, just as does a typical alarm, this site may sound harsh and loud at times. But, just as alarm clock does not judge someone as a bad person because they were asleep, this site does not have that intention. The present writings are merely to serve as a call to be much more aware, to see through our games, lies, and ignorance. And especially, to see how mostly we lie to ourselves. That is all.

Thus the purpose is not separate us, but to bring us together through greater shared awareness, if that is possible. My best friend from childhood, could not appear more different from me. This person is an international arms trader who will apparently sell weapons to anyone who has enough money. I have seriously considered joining a monastery. That is the tip of the iceberg of our differences. One would be hard pressed to find two people apparently less alike. I still occasionally associate with this friend and do not criticize, but listen, ask questions, and present my perspectives. After a while, we find our common ground. We begin to feel each other's humanity and see that we may have much more in common than we have differences. Part of my personality has a very difficult time not expreesing judgement; however, I always have to hold on to the question,"What is my intent - to separate and reject or to bring us together?" Attacking brings up reaction, and one who is being attacked will not listen. In additon, the attacker is also one who is not listening. All sides need to listen and provide the other with a safe place to speak freely.

It is important wisdom to always remember the humanity of everyone, especially the humanity of someone who is presently viewed as an opponent. Dehumanizing people of different views is a tool that is often used to stimulate the masses and lead them to conflict. Even when giving attention to what I view as the misdeeds of some being, I am careful to feel this person as a living and feeling being. It is asked that you remember their humanity, too. We are all in this together, ignorant, often afraid, and desparately searching for security. Perhaps, none of us really has any clue what is going on. Maybe we'll never know. At the very least, can't we just get along? What is it that you want, for us to live cooperatively as "We" or to remain in conflict as "Us and Them"?

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. - Thomas Merton
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