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The problem with our common language is that we think we have one. - Jeff Cook

When asked what frightened her the most, Whoopi Goldberg replied, "Voluntary Ignorance". The Dalai Lama presented ignorance as our major problem. I have always seen that lack of perspective, especially in regards to seeing the view the other side, and the lack of awareness of the effects and consequence of our actions, is the cause of virtually all problems and conflict in the world. I also feel that we have no right to criticize others unless we can see from their perspective. And, of prime importance is not to reject those of other views, but to embrace them, understand them, and work with them for the benefit of all existance. We are all in this together and I fully subscribe to, "Believe me, when you did it to one of the least of my brethren here, you did it to me."

Our world is full of beings existing with voluntary ignorance. We live on a planet with environmental problems that, from my present perspective, are MUCH more severe than most realize. There are also great chasms between the groups on the various sides of issues. We have "Talk" shows rather than "Discussion" or "Listen" shows. We have supposed Christians and Moslems running governments who are demonstrate pride, greed and hate, and who lean toward war rather than the peace that the religion that purportedly subscribe to calls for. People tend to be in the "Me" mode rather than the "We" mode. Thus, we have an abundance of conflicts. Putting it simply and somewhat harshly, our communication sucks at nearly all levels, we don't understand each other or ourselves, and we don't understand our own actions or the results our actions. We hide in our own conceptual prisons rather than perceive the world as it is. Because of this, the future of the contemporary world may be in dire jeopardy and virtually nobody seems to be hearing the alarm, much less rationally acting on respnse to it.

Simply by being aware, people become more compassionate and responsible. With awareness we see cause and affect. We see our connection. Beings with broad perspectives do not deliberately harm others. We need to give up fixed opinions and see our views as always changeable perspectives. This can be done through broader education that includes teaching us to see and understand ourselves, enabling us to learn on our own, more lessons on other cultures and ways of seeing-being, much more science, and especially, more respect for art and individual expression. One of the goals is to help us move from that "Me" perspective to the "We" perspective.

Even though strong views may be presented, I work very hard at keeping them maleable, so that they can change when presented with reasons for doing so. That is why I use the word perspective rather than opinion. Opinions tend to be rather fixed, while it is easy to move about and change one's perspective. For this reason, diverse, and perhaps, opposite perspectives may be presented here. This is particularly true with the quotes. They are presented not just to support a view, but to also test the foundation of another perspective. Some quotes may give views that I do not adhere to.

Our world is also full of great natural beauty and wonderful visual, audio, and written art. There are incredible spiritual beings and great visionaries that could, if anyone would give their perspective true consideration, show us simple and easy ways to make this planet a peaceful and functional haven. Big visions, deep feelings, insights, innovations, pleasant sounds and glorious possibilites are shared here.

Given this, I have produced this site in the hopes that it will provide perspective that will assist us in living in a healthy, cooperative, peaceful, artistic, abundant, and harmonious world. It will avoid the vitriolic attitude, roncor, and name calling that are very common when dealing with controversial issues. As best as I can, it will provide accurate and truthful information that may broaden your perspective and show that there may be hundreds of perspectives on a given issue, not just two. It is to aid in getting us out of our conceptual world and into a perceptual one. This is not about being right. It is a quest to find and share that all too elusive entity - the truth. However, as Aldous Huxley said, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you mad." That is not to say that there is any intention to induce anger or to alienate. Quite the contrary. It may kick your legs out from under you and it is meant to provide us all with a direct and very strong wake up call. And, that wake up call is intended to get us off of our duffs and act together with conscience and consciousness to do something - NOW!

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. - Thomas Merton