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Hypocrisy 101 The Colorado branches of the Natural Food chain Whole Foods tout their environmental responsibility and cruelty-free products yet sell live lobster. These animals which demonstrate a social order in the wild have their claws restricted and are packed or sometimes stacked into tight tanks that would be considered cruel if they were mammals. They are then sold to customers in containers that may become deficient in oxygen and finally the lobsters are boiled alive.


Nancy Rebal

Converse - Copyright Nancy Rebal

Painter doing works representing her own life and that of the spirit.
Book Review - Ordinary Horror
Like so many works of art that don't fit the standard molds, this book by David Searcy has often been misclassified. It is for the lover of words, for those who like to read slowly, to savor and chew on their sentences. It is a tapestry where the details are gentle yet very rich on close examination. The first reaction was that this is reminescent of Dylan Thomas. Not really of the horror genre this book conveys the horror of the ordinary suburban life that so many people lead.
Not So Fun Fact The snowpacks on Mount Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway to title a book after them are over 11,000 years old. In less that a century about 80% of this snowpack has disappeared. At this rate the entire snowpack will disappear within just 20 years and the entire ecosystem and human culture around the mountain could be adversely affected due to their dependence on this water. This is not unique to Africa. It is happening a similar rate around the world and is likely due to global warming.
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