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Bush Environmental Record - a report by NRDC. The underground government trying to stay under the radar while it subverts the law.

Dick Cheney's Principles - in The Washington Monthly

You gotta hear this:

This American Life - "Secret Government" (1/10/03) and the "Why We Fight" (12/20/02)


Malden Mills
Altruism at its finest. If there were a Nobel prize for caring for your employees, the owner of this company deserves it. If you want to deal with an ethical business, do business with Malden Mills. They make great products, too.
Endless Growth - Is This Any Way to Run A Business
Continual growth is considered an essential part of business and not even questioned. However, this assumption could be dangerous to our future. In nature, something that doesn't stop growing is problematic, as in the case of cancer.
Credit Card Protection?
Anyone with a credit card is likely to have been made an offer for one of the company's protection plans. If you do some simple math, you'll find that it is simply a way to make your interest rate skyrocket. Also, if you do a low interest balance transfer, it is probably best that you don't use that card for purchases during the special rate period or you may be effectively paying higher interest.
Clear Channel's Achille's Heel
The monster that arose from deregulation, this radio giant is the bane to both listeners and others in the radio industry. But, is this gargantuan, that has done more to ruin radio than anything since its inception, invulnerable? No. It has a weak spot. As they say, the harder they come, the harder they fall.
How They Choose the Songs
Ever notice that you can longer call most radio stations to request a song. So how do they figure out what to play. They do it with "science".
Budweiser Marketing
Not actually about the beer, but more about the psychology behind the bland products that so many companies produce and how other companies succeed by going the other way.
Are We Better Off?
A quantitative look at the declines in most standard of living indexes since Bush was appointed, including the stock market, unemployment, GDP, deficit, size of government, and health insurance among other things. Also, a look at the enviroment, international relations, and security.
The Ultimate Scam
Here it is. Make a product that people think they need and that others tell them that they need. Then when the product causes problems, get them to use other products by you to take care of the problem. Convince them that they need a great variety of your products. In fact, make them believe that they have to hove your product to get along at all in life. Cover up your product's flaws, bribe the people who distribute your product so they will help expand your market, and give more money to the politicians than anyone else so that you can have them on your side. Get the politicians to help you get money from the government to create your product and, best yet, get everyone to think that your product is so essential that the government will pay for it.
The Evil of Excess
Just over one hundred years ago, consumption was a fatal disease and being a consumer was not something that was desirable. Now many of the problems in the world can be directly traced to the dramatic and frenzied consumption that is occurring in the "developed" countries. Many species have been brought to the brink of extinction by collectors and there are many American families that have more than one vehicle. Has this excess gone too far?
The Myth of the Liberal Media
The term "liberal media" is usually accepted unchallenged. Perhaps it is a false label, to hide how conservative the media actually is and how it works to maintain the status quo.
Not So Fun Fact The snowpacks on Mount Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway to title a book after them are over 11,000 years old. In less that a century about 80% of this snowpack has disappeared. At this rate the entire snowpack will disappear within just 20 years and the entire ecosystem and human culture around the mountain could be adversely affected due to their dependence on this water. This is not unique to Africa. It is happening a similar rate around the world and is likely due to global warming.
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