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What Would Jesus Bomb?

Recently a member of the The Heritage Foundation did an editorial, on the supposedly "liberal" National Public Radio, that criticized those who proclaimed that Jesus would not support a war with Iraq. Given the large audience, it deserves a response.

Where's the Support?

Bush is losing allies fast! Even in the 8 EU countries that signed the letter supporting war with Iraq, the citizens are overwhelmingly opposed and some of the governments are beginning to rebel against the leaders who signed the letter. Russia is now aligning itself with France and Germany. China is against the war now. Turkey, where over 95% of the populace appear to oppose the war has given a little support, but only after being bought by a $4 billion promise from the U.S. and perhaps permission to occupy the Kurdish part of Iraq. Here is a partial and rapidly expanding list of United States governmental bodies that have come out in opposition to Bush's Iraq policies.


New Pledge of Allegiance

American Attitudes: Considering the complacency and lack of participation of many in the populace of the USA, it may be time that it have a new Pledge of Allegiance. This new pledge may be a better fit.

Get Your Free "We Will Win?" Poster

Show how you feel about the war and how we will likely have the same degree of success that we have had in other wars. Get your poster now. (opens in new window)


The Faux News Network?

Do you trust the polls and the major news medias? Take a bunch of polls and put them all together in one graph, what do you get? Something quite interesting.


It's Alive!

After much hard work and preparation, is now active! Content will be a bit sparse for a short while. Consider making this your home page as the quote will change every day and the blog (Web log for those not familiar with Webspeak.) will be updated often. You can see from the "Upcoming:" section that there is going to be a massive amount of content added.

Where's the Beef?

Reacting to Germany and France's rejection of the Bush Admin's rush into war, Rumsfeld said, "But you look at vast numbers of other countries in Europe. They're not with France and Germany on this; they're with the United States." Germany and France are "old Europe," he said, and NATO's recent expansion means "the center of gravity is shifting to the east."

Notice that Rumsfeld did not actually mention anyone who in Europe is actually with the Bush Admin. Why? It's interesting that Bush and company rarely ever cite evidence to support their positions. They speak in generalities. It would seem that if you are in such a serious situation and have plummeting support for your side, you would present actual hardcore evidence to bolster you position. But, as we keep on seeing there is little to no evidence that Bush has presented to support his position on Iraq. In fact, he has repeatedly been caught presenting false or grossly exagerated evidence, such as with the IAC report, aluminum tubes, and dangerous drones.

In a reaction to the Rumsfeld's utterances, French Finance Minister Francis Mer stated, "This comment of 'old Europe' really deeply irritated me," and French Ecology Minister Roselyne Bachelot used a regional expression for a four-letter word in reference to Rumsfeld. Also, NATO that Rumsfeld cited rejected the push by Bush to rush things; and, it was just announced that other countries are gathering together and may pass a resolution telling Bush to take it easy on Iraq.

So, I have a request, PLEASE, if you have evidence, show it. If you have support, please show it. Stop lying, stop distorting, and stop being elusive. Mr. Bush, what is it that you have to hide?

Note: This just came in: Russia and China have now come out opposing Bush's rush to war.

SUVs - Axles of Evil

A friend just came up with this term in reference to the unsafe and polluting behemoths.

Thumb Down a Hummer

Giving a thumbs down signal has been presented as a way to show Hummer owners your perspective. That is, of course, if you dissaprove of the GM Guzzler.

Not So Fun Fact The snowpacks on Mount Kilimanjaro that inspired Ernest Hemingway to title a book after them are over 11,000 years old. In less that a century about 80% of this snowpack has disappeared. At this rate the entire snowpack will disappear within just 20 years and the entire ecosystem and human culture around the mountain could be adversely affected due to their dependence on this water. This is not unique to Africa. It is happening a similar rate around the world and is likely due to global warming.
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