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Hypocrisy 101 The Colorado branches of the Natural Food chain Whole Foods tout their environmental responsibility and cruelty-free products yet sell live lobster. These animals which demonstrate a social order in the wild have their claws restricted and are packed or sometimes stacked into tight tanks that would be considered cruel if they were mammals. They are then sold to customers in containers that may become deficient in oxygen and finally the lobsters are boiled alive.

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Bush Environmental Record - a report by NRDC. The underground government trying to stay under the radar while it subverts the law.

Dick Cheney's Principles - in The Washington Monthly

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This American Life - "Secret Government" (1/10/03) and the "Why We Fight" (12/20/02)

What You Eat

Are you following your own standards as to how you feel that animals should be treated? Do you have standards? If you are buying conventianally raised meat and chicken you are supporting the farming practices shown in these photos of chicks, laying hens, veal calves, pigs. How does this fit in with your standards? If you have decided to take a step and buy cage free chicken products, perhaps you should be aware that this does not mean outdoors. Typically they live in large indoor encloses. More information and a photo gallery is available at Factory Farming.

SUVs - Axles of Evil

A friend just came up with this term in reference to the unsafe and polluting behemoths.

Thumb Down a Hummer

Giving a thumbs down signal has been presented as a way to show Hummer owners your perspective. That is, of course, if you dissaprove of the GM Guzzler.


GMO Crops
It's a one way street and we are going the wrong way. Once a Genetically Modified Organism is released into nature there is virtually no way of putting the Genie back into the bottle. If I had a choice between keeping GMO's or nuclear bombs, I'd take the bombs.
The Beauty of Silence
Treasured in both spiritual circles and by outdoor lovers, it is in short supply in most lives. Perhaps, we can get some of it back.
Solar Energy
It's the oldest form of energy, the most abundant, provides the most national security, is located everywhere, can eliminate monthly energy bills, and the technology to use it has been here for thousands of years. Why then, is it essentially being ignored?
Recycling is seen by many as a virtue. It does have less negative impact on the environment than just throwing something away, but there are alternatives that are dramatically more environmentally friendly.
The Evil of Excess
Just over one hundred years ago, consumption was a fatal disease and being a consumer was not something that was desirable. Now many of the problems in the world can be directly traced to the dramatic and frenzied consumption that is occurring in the "developed" countries. Many species have been brought to the brink of extinction by collectors and there are many American families that have more than one vehicle. Has this excess gone too far?
Conservation - The Misunderstood Savior
Viewed by many a pariah, it really has two parts and may be the no cost and immediate solution to many societal problems. Best of all, it can improve everyone's lifestyle!
The Water World
What you don't know may be dramatically affecting you. Much of what we do to the water environment would never be tolerated if done to the land environment. If you only knew...
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated. - Mohandas K. Ghandi
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