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For evil to prevail, it is only necessary that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

A Most Important Letter

Dear Friends,

This may be the most important letter that I have ever written. Those of you who know me well, are aware that I do not just jump on any bandwagon. I take great time and consider an issue well before acting, and I avoid reactive emotionalism. So, long and careful consideration and research into the facts has been given before writing this. I have prayed for clarity, for myself and for all of us, and hope that you read this with an open mind and heart. Please give deep consideration to what is written here; and, if you feel so moved, pass this on. We must act now. Complacency is not an option. Don't just complain to your friends. Please. Act. Now!

Did you see the video of "president" Bush pounding his fist and threatening the world today? Does this remind you of any despotic leaders in the past who have led their societies to ruin?

I've always wondered how the people of Germany could let Hitler happen.. Now I know.

We may be at a crucial time in history and a basic question arises. Are you going to just stand by while a warmongering regime threatens your freedom and world stability? Do you wish to be one of those people who in 10 years, when the U.S. has lost all of its allies, looks back through the constant wars, and financial and environmental ruin, and wishes that you had done something when you had the chance? Do you ever wonder how totalitarian regimes have come to power? How did it feel to be in France with Napoleon's rise, Germany with Hitler, and in particular, Italy with the fascist Mussolini? Could the democratic Rome foresee the destruction of its system by tyrannical leaders? Study history, and you will see that democracies are often some of the shortest lived governmental systems. And, that often the freedoms are lost and the governments fall, not at the hands of outside forces, but by their very own leaders.

I saw one of those bumper stickers that said "I'm not a cowboy, I just found the hat" and I thought that some people needed one that said, "I am not a Christian, I just found the cross."

At this moment, the fundamental principles of the U.S. Constitution are being taken away by a secretive, unelected regime that is systematically dismantling our basic rights and freedoms. It distracts with wars while giving its moneyed corporate allies subsidies, and allowing them to run carte blanche over our our laws. Many of its Republican allies (perhaps former allies) are now publicly expressing shock at how this group bypasses laws and operates in secret. All points of the political spectrum are now becoming aware that the present group in power is not of the Republican or Democratic ilk, but of a more fascist style regime, many of whose members falsely profess to a Christian ideal.

Less than one quarter of the eligible voters gave their votes for this group, and more of those who actually voted gave their vote to another person. To the best of our ability to determine the actual vote, it appears that someone else won the 2000 presidential election. However, our tabulation of votes is so inaccurate that, in more states than just Florida, we cannot in all honestly know how all the people voted. This group came into power because it had friends in the system who did not allow some to vote and it played games with, and had friends in, the legal system. The most fundamental right of a democracy, the right to vote, has been usurped.

Politics is the practical exercise of the art of self-government, and somebody must attend to it if we are to have self-government; somebody must study it, and learn the art, and exercise patience and sympathy and skill to bring the multitude of opinions and wishes of self-governing people into such order that some prevailing opinion may be expressed and peaceably accepted. Otherwise confusion will result either in dictatorship or anarchy. The principal ground of reproach against any American Citizen should be that he is not a politician. Everyone ought to be, as Lincoln was. - Elihu Root

Now those in power have threatened war, not just on Iraq, but on numerous other countries as well. And, it now has come to light that they are considering using nuclear weapons, not for defensive purposes, but offensively, and in the same manner as conventional weapons. This is unprecedented and the consequences are likely to be catastrophic. Additionally, they are researching new nuclear weapons. What ever happened to disarmament?

Bush has pulled out of MANY international treaties including those to limit nuclear weapons, lauded overthrows of democratically elected governments (e.g. the Venezuelan coup), and our relationships with most our democratic allies have severely worsened, while those with dictatorships, as in central Asia, have flourished. Relations with even our close allies and neighbors, Canada and Mexico, are in bad shape. Even in nations that normally support us, the populace overwhelmingly views the United States as the biggest threat to world peace. Next week in cities around the world, including in the U.S., there will be massive demonstrations against the U.S. Some of these are predicted to have over a million people in a single demonstration. This is also unprecedented, as they may be the biggest in history. Why? Is everybody else in the world wrong and only Bush and his team correct?

In a twist of logic, some appear to think that those who are opposed to war with Iraq, support Saddam. We DO NOT support Saddam Hussein in any way shape or form. We clearly see that there are alternative ways to deal with an extremely difficult situation in which the U.S. bears significant responsibility for creating. How many of you are aware that the U.S. helped Iraq in its war with Iran by destroying the Iranian navy in 1988? That is just one of the ways that Reagan and Bush Sr. helped Saddam. Many of those same people who aided Iraq in the 1980s are running our government again. It was Rumsfeld himself that was sent to "normalize" relations with Saddam in the early 80s. Even the company that Dick Cheney ran, Hallliburton, made millions during the 1990s when one of its subsidiaries helped rebuild Saddam's oil industry. Cheney's firm helped to strengthen Saddam by giving him revenue to pursue weapons.

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong. - H. L. Mencken

We are saying that attacking Iraq is the most likely way to get the most people killed, especially Americans and many innocent Iraqi's. And we are saying that this methodology is the most likely to cause extreme problems in the future. Even the CIA in an unprecedented letter stated that Saddam is more likely to use his weapons if we attack. Even those most instrumental in enacting the first Gulf War, General Norman Schwarzkopf and General Scowcroft are expressing opposition to the Bush plan. Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the men who are in charge running any war, are showing signs of rebellion. The Capitol Hill Blue reported, łAn angry Rumsfeld, who backs Bush without question, is said to have told the Joint Chiefs to get in line or find other jobs. Bush is also said to be "extremely angry" at what he perceives as growing Pentagon opposition to his role as Commander in Chief.˛

We are also saying that this warmongering is a "weapon of mass distraction", that partially serves the purpose of averting our attention while the American Ideal is raped and pillaged in secret. Environmental laws are being gutted in secret, corporations are actually writing some of the legislation that is being presented to our "representatives" and now the Bush group has been secretly drafting legislation, the "Patriot Act II" which will allow secret arrests, stripping people of citizenship, and questionable new legal territory that has never been explored before. We can argue about whether Bush's motives are to instigate Armageddon, for oil and money, or whatever. That is of relatively little consequence at this point. It is however, obvious that this regime is interested in maintaining power at almost any cost, has no respect for the views of others, is driven in a messianic manner to force their ways on the world, has no respect for science, open government, the environment, or for the welfare of the people that they govern. His budgets call for spending more on the war machine than on the country that is supposedly protecting. Deceit, via Madison Avenue style advertising tactics, is one of the most common traits of this government. The "Patriot Act" is not patriotic, the "Clear Skies" initiative may darken skies, and the proposed missile "defense" does not work and may make wars much more likely.

The administration touts the hydrogen car, yet at the same time is spending about five times as much money subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear power. Are you aware where the fuel for the hydrogen powered car will likely come from? From the breaking down of hydrocarbons. In other words, from oil. While the country is in dire financial straits, the military is getting excess money. One base commander that I know was recently given millions of dollars that he did not need, and has been forced into taking much time and effort away from other tasks trying to figure out how to use it.

War always means failure. - Jacques Chirac

One must also consider the history of U.S. regarding honesty with its own citizens when leading them to war. With the Spanish-American War, World War I, the Viet Nam War, and the Gulf War, we were lied to by our own government about the major incidents that were the catalysts for our involvement. There is even evidence of U.S. government deception with other wars. Bush has also lied directly on multiple occasions about evidence against Saddam. The non-existent IAEA report is but one example. Also, it appears that the United States has participated in more wars and military actions on foreign soil in the past 20 years than any other country. Besides, the well known ones, Grenada, Panama, Central America in the 80's, and Iran are some of the more overlooked ones. Now we have forces in Columbia guarding an oil pipeline.

Germany seems to have learned the lesson from World War II about despotic dictators. We obviously haven't. The American Ideal is alive in the world, however, it seems to be leaving the place of its inception. To the rest of the world, please help us get it back.

There is a new kind of blitzkrieg happening right now. Perhaps it can be called Bushkrieg. It is an overwhelming attack on the American system while the citizens are distracted. We have a chance to stop it now. This is not about Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives. In fact, people from what were recently considered opposite political views, are finding that the labels were false and are now joining together to stand up to Bush. It is not about Russians, Chinese, Egyptians, or Americans. It is about all of us. It is about peace and freedom. It is about justice. It is about having a government "of the people, by the people and for the people".

If you ain't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

We are being asked to buy, kill and die. Will you support America's rush to mass murder and our own eventual suicide? Or are you going to act? If so, when? Are you willing to be the first soldier to lay down your weapon and are you willing to be the first general who will not order your troops into unjust and unwise wars? Will your company refuse to provide weapons or supplies to a war? What is the future of the world worth to you? What are you going to do?

God help us.

P.S. - For all those who doubt that we can stop the Bushdozer, imagine or remember what it was like just before Nixon resigned and imagine the despair and hopelessness in Serbia just before Milosavic resigned. Miraculous events do happen and will happen again. We can and will stop this war before it starts.

Now is the time to contact ALL of your "representatives" in government every single day. Even if this is your first time doing so, take just five or ten minutes every day. Just do it! Do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it every single day until this madness is put to rest. Now! Additionally, get some friends to do the same and have them contact other friends. Isn't the future of the world worth this tiny effort on your part? As a matter of fact, please stop reading this and contact them immediately and do it every day.

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Write to every newspaper and publication that you can.

Go to Cities for Peace and learn how to help your city or state pass an anti-war resolution.

Join a demonstration: United for Peace

I had a strange thought the other day. It was, "I never thought that I would ever long for the days of Nixon." Sadly, I would take that time over the present situation. - J.L.Cook
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