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For evil to prevail, it is only necessary that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

C'mon UN, Stand Up to the Tyrant

There is a lot of talk, especially in the Bush camp, of how the UN resembles the League of Nations when it did not stand up to Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and how it risks being obsolete. It is said that the UN must take a firm stand or risk obsolescence. I fully agree. The UN needs to stand up as the future of the world is at stake.

They must stand firmly against the dictatorial tyrant who, along with a small group, is leading the world down a dangerous path. Due to his actions, his country is at odds with much of the world. He was not elected to power and tends to govern in secret. He is a danger to world peace, listens to no one, threatens to attack other nations, including the use of nuclear weapons, and will go to any level to achieve his goals. His government imprisons people without charges, and nobody is able to contact many of these prisoners or even knows where they are. His country executes more people than any other nation and imprisons a greater percentage of its population than any other country, perhaps more than any country in history.

His country executes more people than any other nation and imprisons a greater percentage of its population than any other country, perhaps more than any country in history.

In fact, more than half of his nation's budget is devoted to weapons and the military. It is difficult to communicate with this man as he has only appeared in a public forum about 7 times. Most of his appearances are staged propaganda events, sometimes even with fake backdrops and carefully chosen audiences . He appears afraid to participate in a public dialog. Even though many of his subjects oppose him, they are careful with what they say since their phone calls and emails may be monitored by his agencies. He uses war as a distraction while his cohorts attempt to dismantle formerly democratic institutions in order to pillage the natural resources of his nation and other lands. His country's economy is sliding rapidly downhill, yet he continues to pursue powerful new weapons of mass destruction.

Most of his government operates in secret, and when citizens object to his forced policies, they are called treasonous. He financially rewards those who agree with him even if they break laws and is vindictive to those who oppose his policies. He professes to a religion that he does not adhere to and uses it to mask his true intentions and trick others into following him down a path of isolation and destruction.

The time for the UN is critical. The time is now to stand up and stop the most dangerous man in the world in order to avert catastrophe. That man is George W. Bush. America is in danger. The UN is in danger. The World is in danger. Bush does not believe in America. He does not believe in Democracy. And he most definitely does not believe in freedom. He is no patriot and is leading America toward suicide and can be stopped. It is up to you and me, whether or not you are an American. We all must act as responsible citizens now. Every one of us. Time is running out. All of us must become activists.

I had a strange thought the other day. It was, "I never thought that I would ever long for the days of Nixon." Sadly, I would take that time over the present situation. - J.L.Cook
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