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Fun Facts The Asian nations, which are in most cases Hindu or Islamic, of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Israel, and Pakistan have all had females elected as heads of state. Outside of Asia, Great Britain is one of the only countries, and perhaps the only predominantly Christian nations, to have ever done the same.

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Bush Environmental Record - a report by NRDC. The underground government trying to stay under the radar while it subverts the law.

Dick Cheney's Principles - in The Washington Monthly

You gotta hear this:

This American Life - "Secret Government" (1/10/03) and the "Why We Fight" (12/20/02)


Within a few days of the the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a number of Congressional and governmental investigations, yet for months, there was little done in regards to investigating the government and its role leading up to 9/11. in fact, the Bush administration resisted having a major investigation and had to be pushed into accepting one. Why would they push so fast for the Shuttle probes while resisting ones about 9/11?

C'mon UN, Stand Up to the Tyrant

There is a lot of talk, especially in the Bush camp, of how the UN resembles the League of Nations when it did not stand up to Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and how it risks being obsolete. It is said that the UN must take a firm stand or risk obsolescence. I fully agree.

What It's Really Gonna Cost You

Do you want to pay over $4000 for a war with Iraq or go into debt another $10,600 this year? That's what the average family is likely to pay and when you consider that many of the rich and poor don't pay taxes, the cost is even greater. The administration doesn't like the truth, but sometimes it can be pried out of them. Bush's Budget Director just gave us more accurate numbers. Here is what you may end up paying.

RED ALERT - "The Hiroshima Temptation"

It is being reported that the Bush team is thinking about using nuclear weapons in Iraq. Members of the Bush administration are seriously considering using nuclear weapons as if they are just any other weapon. This is a dramatic change in U.S. policy and could be one of the most dangerous moves of all time. Additionally, Bin Laden would welcome an attack on Iraq because of the chaos that would result and it would enhance his cause, thus bringing him many new recruits.

Now is the time to contact ALL of your "representatives" in government every single day. Even if this is your first time doing so, please take just five or ten minutes every day.Please do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it every single day until this is put to rest. Additionally, get some friends to do the same and have them contact other friends. Isn't the future of the world worth this tiny effort on your part? As a matter of fact, Please contact them immediately. While you're at it, how about stating your view on war with Iraq - every single day.

White House
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What Would Jesus Bomb?

Recently a member of the The Heritage Foundation did an editorial, on the supposedly "liberal" National Public Radio, that criticized those who proclaimed that Jesus would not support a war with Iraq. Given the large audience, it deserves a response.

Where's the Support?

Bush is losing allies fast! Even in the 8 EU countries that signed the letter supporting war with Iraq, the citizens are overwhelmingly opposed and some of the governments are beginning to rebel against the leaders who signed the letter. Russia is now aligning itself with France and Germany. China is against the war now. Turkey, where over 95% of the populace appear to oppose the war has given a little support, but only after being bought by a $4 billion promise from the U.S. and perhaps permission to occupy the Kurdish part of Iraq. Here is a partial and rapidly expanding list of United States governmental bodies that have come out in opposition to Bush's Iraq policies.

The Faux News Network?

Do you trust the polls and the major news medias? If you take a bunch of polls and put them all together in one graph, what do you get? Something quite interesting.


Mandate? What Mandate?
In the November 2002 elections the Republican party won more House and Senate seats than the Democrats. But, is this a mandate for the Republican agenda. Breaking the numbers down you'll see that there is no mandate at all.
The Ultimate Scam
Here it is. Make a product that people think they need and that others tell them that they need. Then when the product causes problems, get them to use other products by you to take care of the problem. Convince them that they need a great variety of your products. In fact, make them believe that they have to hove your product to get along at all in life. Cover up your product's flaws, bribe the people who distribute your product so they will help expand your market, and give more money to the politicians than anyone else so that you can have them on your side. Get the politicians to help you get money from the government to create your product and, best yet, get everyone to think that your product is so essential that the government will pay for it.
Alternatives to War
The are clear and effective alternatives to war in most instances. They have a long history of working, but peace doesn't make the headlines and the history books tend to focus on wars. The discretionary budget of the U.S. spends more money on the military than it does on the country that the military is supposed to defend. Why is there no Department of Peace?
"Tax and Spend" or...
The Democrats are often called the "Tax and Spend" party. Since government spending, the size of the Federal government and deficits have been bigger with Republicans during the past 20 years, what's a good name for them? How about the "Borrow and Spend" party?
The Open Source Voting Project
The voting system in America is broken, plain and simple. The margine of error of the voting systems in some districts is such that we honestly do not know who won. In Nebraska, government employees are restricted in their ability to monitor the voting process due to proprietary software. The fundamental right to vote is being violated. What can we do? The open source Linux is making significant inroads on the giant Micro$oft. Perhaps we can use the open source model to create a voting system that will help restore our system and be free to all.
Remember Osama?
Remember the "War on Terrorism"? While the United States and Great Britain are sidetracked by the unconnected issue of Iraq, we never here anything from Bush anymore about the the primary culprit in September 11, Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile, it is the common view that the U.S. is no more secure than before the incident, more major terrorist attacks a predicted to occur, yet we are not funding the much of security measures that were passed, and police chiefs, other law enforcement officers, and fire fighters are being sent overseas. Looks like we're gonna win the "War on Terrorism" just like we won the "War on Drugs", the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War.
Are We Better Off?
A quantitative look at the declines in most standard of living indexes since Bush was appointed, including the stock market, unemployment, GDP, deficit, size of government, and health insurance among other things. Also, a look at the enviroment, international relations, and security.
The Myth of the Liberal Media
The term "liberal media" is usually accepted unchallenged. Perhaps it is a false label, to hide how conservative the media actually is and how it works to maintain the status quo.
The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated. - Mohandas K. Ghandi
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